Born in Milan, at the age of 25 I chose to live in the Tuscan countryside, due to an innate need for nature, sunsets and views.

Since I was a child I drew, I joined my scientific studies with training in comics and illustration, and I grew up gaining the awareness that life itself can be an art form through the choices and experiences we make.

Since 2019 I’ve been combining my passions for drawing and technology by minting NFTs on the main cryptoart galleries, supported by many appreciated collectors and fellow artists.

Lines, colors, lights and shadows are manifested through drawing and its digital processing, collages, 3D programming and generative code.

Inspired by nature and the observation of reality, my figurative expression is characterized by syntheses that speak a direct and immediate language open to different levels of reading.


I like to create, as I like to spend time with friends and my family, doing TaiChi, walking in the mountains, cultivating the land, gathering herbs and mushrooms, studying the trumpet, reading books and watching movies, I like animals, using tools to fix things, working with wood.

I walk towards myself, creating connections between the things I learn, to remind me who I am.