Born in Milan, I drew since childhood.

I have done many things in my years, I have traveled, known places and people, made mistakes, falls and restarts, I have seen friends leave and others arrive, I have had passions, weaknesses, intuitions.

For a long time I drew little, but with the feeling that our choices can make life itself an art form, and that what I live, what I do, what I feel, I would go back to putting it on paper to fill it with colors, lights and shadows.

In 2019 this sensation became an awareness that manifested itself overwhelmingly like a wind in the cryptoart, where my passions for design and technology came together.
A blank sheet becomes a monitor on, I have infinite brushes and colors, the space opens to depth in 3D and to the temporal dimension with animations.

And I went back to drawing, back on the road to myself.



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